A Midwestern Yankee In King Arthur's Court

A Midwestern Yankee In King Arthur's Court

1:01:49 TV-Y

In this movie special, Warren and the gang travel back in time to Camelot on a Quest for the Six Golden Rules to save Young Arthur's Kingdom, making new friends and learning valuable lessons along the way!

Warren Buffet and the kids who comprise the Secret Millionaire’s Club journey far back in time to help King Arthur save his court and his country.  The economy of ye olde England has collapsed and the only thing that can save it is for our young adventurers to discover the “six golden rules” for any successful enterprise … rules that define not only good business practices, but also a good life.  The young adventurers overcome dragons, con-men, and the evil Morgan La Fake, as they discover, articulate, and teach Arthur and his people such principles as the importance of good planning, the value of promotion, the value of a good reputation  … golden rules that promote success in most human endeavors.   


  • Watch the show with your child and talk about what you have seen.  


  • Make a list of the Six Golden Rules and encourage your child to apply them to his or her own circumstances.  How might they apply to setting up a lemonade stand?  To trying out for a school play or an athletic team.  To getting good grades in school.  To running for class president? 


  • If and when there is an election in your area, or if a new business opens or and old business closes, encourage your child to relate the Six Golden Rules to what they see going on around them 


  • Talk with  your child about how each of the Six Golden Rules might apply to their own lives … at school, at home, at the playground. 

Longform (25+ minutes)
5 - 8
9 - 11

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