Baby Genius (Original)

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11 Episodes
MPAA Rating
G – General Audiences
Get your babies toes tapping and hands clapping to their favorite songs!


Baby Genius invites young children to explore and practice topics fundamental to pre-school education.  A mix of animated and real-life characters, puppets, and settings combine to introduce viewers to animals, numbers, letters, body parts, occupations, and more, using rhyme, song, and comedic skits.  Each segment of the program is designed to hold children’s attention, invite them to sing along to familiar children’s tunes and nursery rhymes (e.g., the Alphabet Song; London Bridge is Falling Down), and to respond to direct questions.  Baby Genius employs principles of social learning theory and each episode portrays active groups pre-school children who serve as role models to young viewers.  Thus, viewers witness children just like themselves engaging in the very activities we encourage youngsters to adopt.

  • Watch this show with your child and talk to her about what she sees and hears; encourage her to describe the show’s action.
  • When out with your child (e.g., walking in the park; strolling a grocery store aisle; driving in the car) notice elements or objects you have seen in Baby Genius and ask your child to identify them (e.g., the A in “crackers;” the 7 in “7-Up;” a squirrel in a tree).
  • Find children’s books that cover the same topics found in Baby Genius, keep them close at hand, and explore them with your child.
  • In the car, on a walk, or sitting in the back yard … encourage your child to sing the songs and/or recite the nursery rhymes featured in Baby Genius.
  • Take your child to visit the kinds of locations portrayed in Baby Genius episodes (e.g., a farm; a zoo; a fire station; a train depot).
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